Cosmic Solitude

Work in progress.

Aragats Cosmic Ray Research Station located on 3300m above sea level high in the mountains of Armenia used to have more than a hundreed employees back in Soviet times.
Today there are just three persons working there: two laboratory assistants and the cook. Because of remoteness and the altitude the station is isolated from the outside world especially during the long winter(around 6 months).
During my visit this last summer one of the two laboratory assistants was on vacation. The other assistant Karen Asatryan(25) was living in the station and the only person he could communicate was the cook – Artash Petrosyan(68), who used to work at the station for more than 30 years.
The reason why the station has only three employees now, is not just the collapse of the Soviet Union, but also the technological development. Today almost everything is automated and controlled by computers.

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