An Unfinished War

Violence against the Armenian population in Azerbaijan SSR in the late 1980’s, the fight for Nagorno Karabakh’s independence and reunion with Armenia SSR lead to large-scale war by the early 1990’s. Historically Armenian land of Nagorno-Karabakh was liberated and the cease-fire agreement was signed in 1994. But, de jure war was never over. During the last years the consequences of unfinished war and ceasefire violations by Azerbaijan were especially evident throughout the entire Nagorno Karabakh – Azerbaijan line of contact and even along the Armenian-Azerbaijan border. Here, for the last years, the gunshots almost never cease, formulating new rules for living. For over 20 years, villagers have been living like “hostages”, trapped between peace and war.

On the night of April 2, 2016, the frozen conflict exploded when Azerbaijan launched attacks along the entire Nagorno Karabakh – Azerbaijan line of contact. Four tense days of fighting followed, using heavy ammunition, military helicopters, and causing hundreds of deaths on both sides. The fight was eventually stopped by a ceasefire agreement. In the uncertain conditions of this tenuous ceasefire, a full-scale war may start any day. The tension on the border is still quite high.

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